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ORESCO is a firm believer that if we treat nature well and use its rich resources responsibly, nature will reciprocate, perhaps even more.

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Growers like you are the heart of ORESCO's vision. From planting to profit and having somewhere you can stay with friends and family to enjoy the fruits of your labour, we aim to create a fulfilling and rewarding journey for all our Durian Growers.

core strategy

Our goal is to be the nexus of agriculture, technology and tourism. By identifying and implementing agile agriculture practices, innovative technologies and sustainable ecotourism as our key enablers, we drive forward and grow our plantations with these three strategic priorities to achieve our desired results.

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We are a leading durian plantation management group, backed by decades of agricultural experience, award-winning credentials and cutting-edge technology. Focused on connecting people with Mother Nature through our plantations and ecotourism with a durian twist, our expertise is deployed on hundreds of acres of durian plantations across West Malaysia, producing premium quality durians for export across the globe.

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Project Enkii, a durian odyssey project between ORESCO Plantation and Trigger Capital Singapore, is a Web3 initiative to revolutionise Plantation Services.

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With durians being sought after worldwide today, the king of fruits has become a rare and prized commodity.  The demand for premium durians continues to outstrip supply causing prices to skyrocket in recent years. To date, Malaysia supplies only 4% of the global market thereby creating a huge opportunity for further growth and development.

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Smart Farming is a new way to manage plantations using technologies like IoT, sensors, drones, robotics and data analytics to increase the quantity and quality of products while optimising the human labour required for production.

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Awards & Certifications

At ORESCO, we strive to add value and do our utmost best to exceed our customers’ expectations.  These awards and certifications are testament to our continuous pursuit of excellence.

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our fruit products

Unique for its golden yellow, and creamy, custard-like texture with bittersweet taste, the Musang king has a distinct strong aroma and is differentiated by its star-shaped pattern at the bottom.

We manage durian plantations that cover 365 acres, out of which 65 acres are mature plantations.

Our People

ORESCO is a Malaysian company with more than a decade of experience in durian agriculture, driven by an award-winning plantation management team. We have a proven track record of consistently growing top-quality durians.

To work together with our alliance of farmers, agriculture communities and partners to create a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

ORESCO Charity

Our goal in ORESCO is not only to redefine agriculture through sustainable farming, but also to work together with our alliance of farmers, agriculture communities and partners to create a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. Thus we founded ORESCO TFCH Charity.

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