is Blackthorn Durian?

Blackthorn Durians are a luxury variety that often sells out within hours of harvesting and is sought after for its rarity and complex flavour This Rolls Royce of the durian world is often recognised as the only true rival to the popular Musang King and may even usurp it in the future. Currently, the demand for Blackthorn Durians far surpasses the supply.

It earned its unusual name from the shrivelled remnant of the black flower stamen sometimes attached to the bottom of the fruit, known as the "thorn'. Blackthorn Durians have a dense but soft, tender texture, with a creamy and sweet taste that comes with a slight tinge of bitterness, contributing to an intense and complex flavour.

Blackthorn Durians are being sold for as much as 35 USD per kilogram in Malaysia, and significantly higher the further they get exported.

The Advantages of Planting Blackthorn Durian

Variety Advantage

Variety Advantage

  • High Fruit Yield
  • High Survivability
  • Strong Disease Resistance
  • Short Growth Period
  • Fast Harvest Period
 Fruit Advantage

Fruit Advantage

  • Beautiful Golden-Orange Hue
  • Thick, Creamy and Silky
  • Fragrant and Rich
  • Melt In Your Mouth
  • Almost Fibre-Free
Quality Advantage

Quality Advantage

  • 80% of harvested fruits are grade A
  • Weight per fruit is unifomm at 2kg+
  • Almost all fruits are round
  • No burnt seeds
  • Longer shelf life at 2-3 days

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